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Aggressive Criminal Defense

For more than a quarter of a century, the Kocian Law Group has successfully defended numerous criminal defense cases. If you become involved with the criminal justice system, you will need an experienced law firm that understands every aspect of successfully handling such matters, and that will effectively and aggressively represent you to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected.

Whether you, or a family member, has been arrested and charged with a crime or has been informed of a pending arrest warrant, our criminal defense attorneys understand the fear, confusion and apprehension you may be feeling. Our clients come from all walks of life: professionals and blue collar workers, as well as men and women of all ages.

Helping You Through A Difficult Time

The one thing that each of our clients has in common are the questions they have about their criminal case.

  • What are these charges?
  • What do they mean?
  • Am I facing jail time?
  • How much is bail?
  • What are pretrial diversionary programs?
  • Am I program eligible?
  • What happens if I plead guilty?
  • What are the conditions of probation?
  • Is my job at risk?
  • How much will it cost to retain an attorney?

We are here to answer your questions. Our criminal defense lawyers pride themselves on their availability to you, our clients. We understand how stressful an arrest can be and want to help alleviate that tension.

Conveniently Available To Help

With evening and weekend appointments, and with offices in Manchester, New Britain, Waterbury, New York, and Hartford, our criminal defense lawyers are conveniently available to help you. Our attorneys have the experience, client recommendations, and results to effectively and aggressively represent you to ensure your rights are protected. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

Comprehensive Criminal Defense Services

We offer representation against all criminal charges, including:

In any criminal case, it is critical to hire an attorney who can effectively challenge the evidence against you, including witness testimony, police reports, identification procedures and constitutional violations.

If You Are Facing Criminal Charges, Call Right Away

Whatever your legal concerns may be regarding any type of criminal case, we can help you find the best solution. Call our office at 860-730-6100 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

Our Connecticut criminal defense lawyers have four convenient office locations throughout Connecticut, including Hartford, Waterbury, Manchester and New Britain.