Connecticut Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

domestic violence defense

At Kocian Law Group, we believe in fair representation for all. If you are charged with domestic violence, assault, battery, or similar crimes, our highly qualified firm will advocate for you.

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What is “Domestic Violence”?

Domestic violence occurs when one member of a household commits violence against another. This includes spouses and other romantic partners, children, and even adults who used to live together platonically. In the state of Connecticut, domestic violence can garner fines, community service, rehabilitation programs and even jail time.

Police officers who respond to a call about a domestic dispute can arrest people for domestic violence at their discretion. Some situations may result in an arrest, while others do not. Because emotions run high during a confrontation, an alleged victim may make statements to a police officer that he or she later regrets.

Unfortunately, because the people involved in domestic violence disputes often have a close emotional bond, prosecutors and courts tend to push forward in domestic violence cases even if an alleged victim later recants. This means that even if no one wants to press charges, a court can still proceed against you and even convict you of domestic violence. This is the reason why you need a competent law firm to represent you in such matters.

If you have been arrested for or charged with domestic violence, you should:

  • Contact a criminal defense attorney.
  • Take pictures of any injuries you may have sustained during the conflict that led to your arrest. This may help your case if, during the dispute, you were merely defending yourself from an attack by the other party.
  • Cooperate with all restraining orders or no contact provisions, even if the person you’re ordered to stay away from wants contact with you themselves. Any perceived violation of a court order will be used against you in your trial.

What if I Have a Restraining Order Against Me?

A restraining order is a legal document that prohibits you from doing certain things, such as spending time with certain people. Restraining orders are common in domestic violence cases; usually, a person charged with domestic violence will be put under a restraining order that prevents them from contacting or being near the alleged victim.

No matter what arrangements you and the alleged victim have made between yourselves, you must not violate a restraining order. After a dispute, you may have apologized and “made up” with the alleged victim. Even if both of you get along, however, you should obey the restraining order until your defense attorney can get the terms changed. Disobeying a restraining order can subject you to penalties including jail time, and it can make your case more difficult to resolve.

With a strong background in criminal defense, Kocian Law Group can bolster your case. Whether you have been falsely accused or have simply made a mistake, Kocian Law Group wants to hear your story. We listen, nonjudgmentally, to your concerns and offer a host of legal options.