Connecticut Federal Crime Defense Attorney

federa crimes

A federal crime is a crime prosecuted by the federal government rather than by the state government. Federal crimes are usually treated more seriously than state crimes and can involve harsher punishments. Federal laws are often complex, and they may seek penalties for things that are not crimes under state law or that conflict with the way a crime is treated under state law.

If you are charged with a federal crime, the criminal defense attorneys at Kocian Law Group can help.

Some crimes that are commonly prosecuted under federal law include:

  • immigration violations
  • large drug operations
  • serious cases of fraud, especially tax fraud or fraud directly involving federal agencies
  • fugitives, especially those that cross state lines
  • counterfeiting
  • terrorism
  • treason

In general, any large-scale crime that crosses state lines may be federal. In addition to this, any crime that involves the government as a whole, government agencies, or important political figures is likely to be a federal crime.

Penalties for a federal crime include jail time in a federal prison, fines, or even death. If convicted and sent to prison, you will generally go for at least five years.

If you commit a federal crime, Kocian Law Group is ready to come to your aid. We have an extensive knowledge of the law and all its many technicalities, and we will put that knowledge to work defending your rights and character.