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Drunk driving has a different name depending on where you are charged. In Connecticut, the charge is operating under the influence (OUI), but in other states it may be driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI).

Like many states, Connecticut has several laws that prohibit driving a motor vehicle or boat while under the influence of alcohol, and the state’s law enforcement officials take enforcing these laws seriously and the penalties are steep. Police officers and state troopers throughout the State of Connecticut are on constant alert for drivers who may be operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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If the police suspect you are operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, you may be stopped on the road. Police base their suspicions on a number of variables, including how you appear to be driving, whether your breath or clothes smell of alcohol, and your behavior during a traffic stop.

Often, drivers who are stopped on suspicion of drunk driving are subjected to one or more field sobriety tests. If you do not meet the testing standards, you will be placed under arrest, transported to the police department, and asked to take a blood alcohol test (usually a breath test, but blood or urine testing may be requested).

If you have been charged with operating under the influence (OUI) in Connecticut, you have certain legal rights. You have the legal right to speak with an attorney. An experienced defense attorney can help you protect the full extent of your legal rights. A DUI lawyer can also help you answer a wide range of important questions that will affect your case.

The Kocian Law Group DUI lawyers will make sure that you are treated fairly and with respect at every step of your case. We will fight to protect your rights, to prevent the suspension of your driver’s license, or to secure a special permit to allow you to keep driving to work, school and other commitments.

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