Connecticut Hindering Prosecution Defense Attorney

With many years of experience, Kocian Law Group understands the prosecutor’s mindset. Therefore, we are uniquely equipped to help defend against charges such as hindering prosecution.

A person could be charged with hindering prosecution when he or she:

  • hides a criminal or someone being sought by law enforcement
  • gives money or other aid to a criminal or a supposed criminal
  • does or says anything to prevent someone else from prosecuting or
  • otherwise going after a criminal or supposed criminal
  • hides or destroys evidence of criminal acts
  • helps a criminal protect or profit from a criminal act

Sometimes, you may commit an act similar to those listed above, but you will be charged with a slightly different crime, such as, interfering with or failing to assist a police officer or firefighter. These charges may come with lesser penalties than a charge for hindering prosecution, but the penalties can still cause a serious disruption in your life.

Understanding a Hindering Prosecution Charge

Hindering prosecution comes in three degrees. In the first or second degree, hindering prosecution counts as a class C felony. A court charges you with first or second degree felony when the criminal or supposed criminal you’ve helped committed a class A or class B felony. The court charges you with first degree hindering prosecution only when you or the person you’ve aided intended to intimidate or coerce the government or the civilian population as a whole.

Basically, the degree of your punishment will be a step down from the punishment of the person you are accused of having aided. Therefore, hindering prosecution to the third degree gets you a class D felony. Class D felonies are less serious than class C felonies. A class D felony can still earn you up to ten years in jail, so securing the help of legal counsel is crucial no matter what type of charge you face.

The CT criminal defense attorneys at Kocian Law Group have years of experience working to protect the rights of individuals who have found themselves facing hindering prosecution charges. Timing is essential in these cases, so call Kocian Law Group today.