Connecticut Probation Violation Attorney

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So you’ve made a mistake and violated your parole or federal supervised release. Maybe you haven’t truly made a mistake, but you’re facing accusations of parole or probation violation nonetheless.

What now? You may fear that this is the end of the line, but there is hope. Call Kocian Law Group.


Probation Violations

Probation is a process by which the justice system monitors and limits a person’s behavior rather than incarcerating him or her. Probation may also follow a jail sentence. Typically, when you are put on probation, a probation officer supervises you to ensure that you fulfill the conditions of your probation. If you violate a term of your probation, a court might either add more time to your probation or send you to jail.

Parole Violations

Parole is similar to probation, but it involves early release from prison. Jails are equipped to hold people for less than one year, while prisons can hold people for more than one year. Therefore, both prison and parole are for more serious offenders. A parole board grants parole, not a judge. While on parole, you’re under the jurisdiction of the state’s Attorney General. Parole violations may carry more serious penalties than probation violations, including a return to prison for a specified period of time.

Federal Supervised Release

Federal supervised release is similar to parole, but applies to people sentenced after November 1, 1987. Under supervised release, you are not allowed parole before the end of a sentence and you must answer to the United States District Court.

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