Connecticut Motor Vehicle Offense Attorney

motor vehicle offenses

With a screech of tires, you’ve careened into trouble. Situations on the road can change in an instant. The slightest slip of attention or care and you may find yourself facing a traffic ticket.

Motor vehicle offenses can cost you money or even jeopardize your license. Getting more than two tickets in three to five years can significantly raise your insurance rates as well.

Kocian Law Group will stand by you. With our extensive experience in motor vehicle offenses, we will help you challenge an unforgiving legal system.

Give us a call if you have been charged with:

  • any traffic violation
  • car jacking
  • DUI
  • joyriding/reckless driving

If you disobey the rules of the road, you have committed a “traffic violation.” A traffic violation can be something as commonplace as speeding or running through a red light. You will not typically be arrested for a traffic violation. Instead, you will likely receive a citation, a document ordering you to appear in court on a specific day. You can choose to go to court on the specified date or pay the fine.

Should you fight a ticket? The exact answer depends on your situation, but there are some basic consequences to a traffic ticket that you should consider.

If you don’t fight it, you may have to:

  • pay a fine
  • endure higher insurance premiums
  • have the ticket be marked down on your record, making you more likely to have to deal with harsher punishments if you get a motor vehicle offense in the future
  • lose your license
  • go to traffic school
  • go to jail

If you contest your ticket and lose, you may have to endure some of the above penalties anyway. However, if you win, you can avoid some punishments. If you are not clearly in the wrong, it is often worth it to fight the ticket.

When you decide to go to court, you will be able to contest the violation. If you plead not guilty in court, you will be sent to a civil traffic violation hearing. There is no jury in this hearing; you are allowed a lawyer, who can help you call witnesses and otherwise bolster your case.

At Kocian Law Group, we work with appropriate experts in the accident reconstruction field to provide you the best defense possible. Contact our offices today to learn how we may help lessen the blow of your traffic infractions.