Fees & Costs

Fair and Reasonable Legal Fees

At Kocian Law Group, we know that the cost of legal representation is an important factor when clients are selecting a law firm to handle their important legal matters. Our firm aims to deliver high quality, individualized legal services at a fair and reasonable price. In every case that we handle, our firm gives clients complete and upfront information about the legal fees, costs and expenses associated with their case. We understand that our clients are often under a great deal of stress and we strive to make them as comfortable as possible by providing complete and honest answers to all of their questions, including questions about our firm’s legal fees and costs.

Contingency Fees Basis – Personal Injury Cases

When our firm handles a personal injury case, we represent the client on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not collect any legal fees from our clients unless we achieve a recovery in their case. Personal injury cases often involve additional costs and expenses beyond the legal fees that are associated with the case.  You can rest assured that with the firm’s vast experience, and knowledge, in handling personal injury cases that we will guide you appropriately in decision making concerning what costs should be incurred. These costs may include court costs, expert witness fees and other litigation-related expenses necessary to properly prepare and present a case. Costs incurred in prosecuting cases are, in general, payable to the law firm irrespective of the outcome of the matter. That being said, in qualifying complex medical malpractice cases, we offer our clients the choice of authorizing the law firm to pay for their costs, which the client does not have to pay back irrespective of outcome.

When we are representing a victim in a personal injury matter, we will carefully evaluate the case and use our judgment and experience to develop a case strategy designed to achieve the best recovery possible. When these strategies involve costs that the client will be responsible for paying in whole or in part, we thoroughly discuss these expenses with our clients upfront and explain why we believe that such actions and expenditures are necessary and advisable in their case.

Fee Structure for Other Types of Cases

Beyond our personal injury practice, Kocian Law Group represents clients in a diverse range of additional legal matters, including family law, estate planning and probate, criminal defense, real estate, and corporate and commercial cases. The fee structure and legal costs associated with our firm’s representation in these types of cases will depend upon the specific nature of the legal issues involved. In each matter, our legal team will carefully evaluate the case and provide a complete and upfront explanation of how our legal fees, costs and expenses will be structured.

To learn more about how legal fees and costs work at Kocian Law Group, or to schedule an in person consultation with a member of our legal team, contact us today in one of our four Connecticut offices or in our New York City location.