History & Facts

Protecting Families and Individuals

Kocian Law Group is proud of its strong reputation and commitment to protecting the legal rights of families and individuals in Connecticut. Since our firm’s inception, for more than a quarter of a century, we have handled more than 10,000 personal injury cases ranging from medical malpractice actions and automobile claims to construction accidents and product liability claims. Our firm was founded on the principle that the needs of our clients always come first. Our legal team is dedicated to treating every individual who comes through our door with the respect and dignity that they deserve.

While our firm has historically focused its representation on personal injury claims, throughout the years we have expanded our practice to better meet our clients’ varied legal needs. When clients began asking our attorneys to represent them in matters beyond their personal injury claims, we increased the size of our staff by retaining lawyers experienced in diverse practice specialties.

Today, Kocian Law Group has evolved into a multi-specialty law firm offering individuals, and families, a broad scope of legal services all under one roof.  While we still principally concentrate on personal injury cases, our attorneys represent clients in a variety of legal areas, including workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, social security disability, estate planning, real estate, commercial and corporate law matters

Brief History of the Kocian Law Group

Our firm’s founder, Nicholas Kocian (hereinafter “Nick”), was born in Staten Island, New York into a working class family. Growing up, Nick developed a strong work ethic and learned first-hand how hard families often struggle to survive and provide for their families. As the first person in his family to become a lawyer, Nick has remained true to his working class heritage by focusing his legal career on helping individuals, and families, overcome difficult legal issues and challenges that they would otherwise not be able to do without professional legal representation.

Nick initially opened his own legal practice in Hartford, Connecticut and located the firm’s first office on Jefferson Street near Hartford Hospital. It was of paramount importance to our founder that legal representation for Kocian Law Group’s clientele be conveniently located near and in the neighborhoods that the law firm served. In this small 250 square foot second floor office, he personally served a diverse group of clients, many of whom were from working class neighborhoods like the one in which he grew up. From this small office in Hartford, the firm’s reputation for success, and a winning tradition, was born.

The firm was fortunate to have achieved excellent results for its clientele which enabled the firm to grow into its second location on Farmington Avenue in Hartford Connecticut, which was a three (3) room office wherein the firm’s personnel was expanded to include its first paralegal and full time receptionist. Consistent with the law firm’s history this office was also conveniently located directly in the neighborhood to best serve law firm clientele.

From there the practice expanded, based on the combination of putting the interests of the client’s first in conjunction with excellence in legal representation. At the Collins Street location the firm was available to its clients directly in the heart of the neighborhood for many years. Thereafter, the firm moved its Hartford location about one mile from its original location to its current locale at 999 Asylum Street, 4th Floor, Hartford, Connecticut. Notably, this location is also the current site of the Connecticut Workers compensation commission – – which offers further convenience for Kocian Law Group clients as the hearing office is located in the same building as the law firm.  The firm’s Hartford locations exemplify the firm’s values in being located geographically close to those members of the community which the firm had the privilege to serve. Kocian Law Group has consistently strove to open its offices for the convenience of its clientele.

Our founders’ commitment to client service, and aggressive legal advocacy, fueled further growth of the law firm.  The firm branched out from Hartford to serve the additional towns of Manchester, New Britain and Waterbury. An interesting historical fact of the Kocian Law Group is that it was the first law firm in the nation (as reported by NBC news) to open a drive thru location for the convenience of its customers. The law group opened its drive thru office in Manchester Connecticut which was previously home to other commercial establishments (A Kenny Rogers Restaurant and Zoot’s Dry Cleaners). Recognizing the benefit to its clients living in the community, by providing drive thru convenience, the law firm opened its second drive thru firm in New Britain, Connecticut.

The firm evolved from a solo practice (focusing exclusively on the handling of personal injury cases) operating from a single location to a multi-attorney firm (representing clients with cases of social security disability, family law, criminal defense, entertainment law, estate planning, real estate, commercial and corporate law matters) providing legal services from four convenient locations with the firm’s lawyers, and legal staff, committed to representing individuals and families in need of legal services.

Kocian Law Group is well known in the legal community to be active and aggressive defenders of their client’s rights. The firm handles litigation matters before all Courts in the State of Connecticut (both State and Federal) as well as actively practicing before the Workers Compensation Commission at all levels.

If you have questions about our firm or are in need of legal assistance we encourage you to contact the Kocian Law Group today.