Women's Issues Relating to Medical Malpractice

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At Kocian Law Group, we have been representing women in connection with women’s medical issues such as, failure to diagnose breast cancer, cervical cancer, or ovarian cancer for more than a quarter of a century.

Our legal team is sensitive to the unique legal issues presented in cases involving injuries to women and OB/GYN malpractice. We recognize that women, especially women with families and children, often have unique legal needs and considerations. More often than not, women are the primary caregivers to children and must maintain a vigorous work schedule outside the home. When women are sick or injured, this can place a great strain on the family unit.

If you have suffered from undiagnosed breast cancer, cervical, or ovarian cancer through the neglect of a physician or OB/GYN specialist, you will need a law firm experienced in handling these types of cases, and who will effectively and aggressively represent you, to ensure your rights are protected.

Kocian Law Group has in-depth experience handling cases that involve women’s issues such as breast cancer, cervical, or ovarian cancer cases and cases involving OB/GYN malpractice. When faced with the consequences of such injuries, including the loss of the ability to care for children and the loss of a career, you need a medical malpractice law firm that knows how to provide you with the best representation possible.

Some common cases include:

  • Failure to diagnose – failing to diagnose breast, ovarian, or cervical cancer can lead to catastrophic injuries and damage.
  • Failure of a physician to meet the standard of care – when treating these serious conditions a doctor must meet the standard of care, or their treatment – or lack of treatment – can result in losses that are far-reaching. Some common, and unfortunate, cases involving women’s issues are breast, cervical and ovarian cancer, and OB/GYN malpractice.

To properly represent you in these types of cases Kocian Law Group will:

  • Carefully review your case to ascertain what occurred factually. Following this, the law group will identify the key factor(s) responsible for your injuries, thereby enabling us to focus on the salient theme for your case so that this information may be successfully conveyed to a jury. During this process the law group also gathers all of the medical evidence available to support your case.
  • Work closely with medical experts, including oncologists, to obtain detailed evidence, which will explain and tie-in how your injuries are related to the consequences of the misdiagnosis of cancer.
  • Meticulously analyze the law to avail ourselves of every possible advantage in pursuing the maximum amount of recovery under the circumstances.

The mantra of the American Cancer Society is “early detection early cure.” In cancer cases affecting women this credo is most relevant. Physicians should help their patients by providing proper and timely care.

In particular, many common cancers which effect women require proper and timely testing such as pap smears, ultrasound, mammography and apropo physical examination by doctors who are qualified. These doctors should use the requisite amount of skill mandated to safeguard women’s health and then actually follow up in a timely fashion to protect women against disease. In many instances we have found that some doctors do not exercise the requisite degree of follow up to protect women against these deadly diseases.

When fighting cancer, a lack of diligence can be fatal. Also, failure to order and appropriately follow up on standard testing can unnecessarily expose women to continuing on with cancers growing within them unchecked by the very doctor which they rely on to help them.

Sadly, many physicians fail to meet the standard of care by utilizing all reasonable measures available to doctors in diagnosing, treating and curing cancer given the technology and scientific information available in the medical community today.

Kocian Law Group represents clients for a wide range of women’s issues including:

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