Connecticut OB/GYN Malpractice Attorney

ob gyn malpractice

If you or your baby has been harmed as a result of obstetrician / gynecologist malpractice, you trusted your doctor to take care of you, only to have that trust violated. You have the right to seek compensation if injuries resulted from a medical professional’s failure to conform to the accepted standard of care.

Obstetrics is a part of the medical field which involves care and treatment of women during pregnancy, delivery, and the recuperation period following childbirth. When proper care is not taken, however, the resulting injuries can lead to a lifetime of problems for the patient. In such cases, the physician who committed the medical error should be held accountable for their actions or lack of appropriate actions.

The following situations can arise from OB- GYN negligence:

  • death of the fetus
  • death of the birth mother
  • failure to identify an ectopic pregnancy
  • mistakes that causes sexual dysfunction
  • failure to identify and treat gynecological disorders
  • hysterectomy technique which is below the standard of care
  • shoulder dystocia
  • injuries to the baby during the delivery process

Although our understanding of labor and delivery practices has grown significantly in recent centuries, the childbirth process continues to pose risks to both mother and baby. Pre-natal care is also critical in an OB-GYN practice. Failing to carry out regular treatments and tests throughout the course of a pregnancy or to use proper techniques and care during birth can cause fatal complications to both the child and the mother. It is the obstetrician’s duty to be fully aware of the patient’s complete medical history in order to prevent injury or illness as much as possible. Also, during the delivery process itself, it is critical that the OB-GYN and the hospital staff properly monitor both the mother’s and the baby’s heart rate to assure that neither of them are at risk for injury or death.

If you have reason to believe that you or your baby were injured by OB-GYN malpractice, you may be due to receive compensation for damages. The attorneys at the Kocian Law Group can help.