Connecticut Amputation Injury Attorney


Amputation injuries, often caused by workplace accidents, are among the most serious and catastrophic forms of injury. Loss of part or all of a limb or of multiple limbs can often leave an injured person unable to work or function as he or she once did.

The loss of the ability to work presents special considerations and requires skillful handling by attorneys experienced in representing those with amputation injuries. Very often the injury requires a prosthetic replacement limb, which must be replaced periodically over the injured person’s lifetime. Multiple prosthetic limbs may be necessary to accommodate different uses. Prosthetics impose a significant expense that should be properly documented, presented, and claimed.

People with amputation injuries also face the risk of many associated medical problems, including neuromas, phantom limb pain, and extensive rehabilitation and therapy to adjust to life without a limb or limbs. These issues must be addressed if any resolution of an injured person’s amputation claims is to provide full and fair compensation. Kocian Law Group has significant experience in this area of the law and can help you with your claim.

Contact the experienced amputation injury attorneys at the Kocian Law Group for a personalized review of your claim and a plan for recovery. After a catastrophic limb injury, don’t hesitate to obtain legal counsel who can prosecute these often complicated claims to the fullest extent of our workers’ compensation laws, product liability laws, and negligence law. We have access to experts nationwide to assist you in proving your claims and winning a recovery.

Amputation Injuries Sustained on the Job 

Handling amputation claims in either the Superior Court or Workers’ Compensation Commission presents special considerations. The Kocian Law Group has extensive experience with amputation injuries. We’ve fought to obtain the maximum available benefits for workers injured at construction sites, machine shops, factories, and in other on-the-job incidents. Injured workers have the legal right to file a claim against their employer for workers compensation. If the injury was caused by a “third party,” or a person, corporation, or entity other than the injured person or the employer, the injured person may also file a personal injury or product liability claim to secure further compensation. Whether you plan to go to court, pursue a workers’ compensation claim, or both, the skilled attorneys at the Kocian Law Firm can help.

Amputation injuries often occur as a result of safety violations. For instance, a machine may not have adequate safety guards, or workers may not have received the necessary training to avoid amputation injuries, like instructions not to wear clothing that may catch and pull a limb into a machine. Machines used in professional workplaces may exert hundreds of pounds of force, causing devastating damage to any part of the human body. Temporary workers, employed by temp agencies, often face additional risks because they often do not receive proper training regarding machine safety. The risk of amputation injury and potential liability remains high.

Amputation Injuries Caused by Defective Products or Negligence 

When an amputation injury is caused by a defective product, the product’s manufacturer or seller may be held liable under the Products Liability Act. Securing legal counsel early in the process can ensure you have skilled representation on your side to investigate the claim, preserve the evidence, and hold the product seller(s) responsible.

In addition to amputation injuries suffered on the job or caused by defective products, we have also handled many cases involving amputation injuries caused by negligence in automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, defective premises accidents, and in cases involving dangerous machinery. We can also represent you if medical malpractice has led to the improper amputation of a limb, or if a failure to diagnose a medical condition in time required an amputation.

Contact the Experienced Amputation Injury Lawyers at the Kocian Law Group

If you or someone close to you has experienced a workplace amputation injury, it is important to obtain legal counsel right away before evidence is lost and investigations are closed. At the Kocian Law Group, we prosecute amputation injuries vigorously. We obtain maximum compensation for injured workers under our workers’ compensation laws, including the cost of prosthetics and replacement prosthetics. We also fight to preserve evidence, often by properly and timely reporting the accident to the federal authorities for investigation under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (“OSHA”). We’ve handled many amputation injuries successfully by thoroughly investigating and skillfully presenting our clients’ claims. Let our experience help you obtain the maximum benefits for your loss.