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If you or a loved one has been injured due to a defective product, a qualified Connecticut products liability attorney can help you assert a claim for product liability against the manufacturer or distributor of the product. If you were not misusing the product but were using it in the recommended way for its intended purpose, you should be able to recover for injuries caused by a hidden defect in the product that rendered it dangerous and caused injury.

The Kocian Law Group’s experienced attorneys will prosecute your claims to the fullest extent possible under the law. If you hire the Kocian Law Group, we will assert your products liability claim by:

  • Working closely with experts who will help prove that the product which ultimately caused your injury was defective;
  • Conducting searches to determine if the product was previously recalled or involved in prior litigation in order to assist you in your case; and
  • Taking the necessary steps to investigate and prosecute your products liability case.

Products liability occurs when manufacturers and/or distributors cause unsafe, dangerous and/or defective products to be put on the market for purchase. These products are deemed dangerous and/or hazardous to consumers in some fashion. Manufactures and distributors are responsible under the law for the quality of the products that they place into the stream of commerce.

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Products Liability Law in Connecticut

Products liability can be based on one or more theories of liability. These include breach of warranty, breach of merchantability, negligence, and/or strict liability. If your injury results from a foreseeable use of a defective product, you may be able to hold more than one participant in the chain of manufacturing and distribution accountable under one or more of these legal theories.

Any person in the distribution chain may be held liable for products that are manufactured and/or sold to the public in a defective state. Three (3) major kinds of product defects classify a product as dangerous:

  • Design – These kinds of defects are intrinsic to the design of the product. For instance, a knife that has no hand guard to prevent it from slipping and cutting the user may have a design defect.
  • Manufacturing – These kinds of defects are related to the construction of the product, but not to its design. For instance, a knife that has a hand guard that is attached with a too-weak screw that falls out may have a manufacturing defect.
  • Marketing – These kinds of defects arise when the product contains inadequate instructions, lackadaisical labeling and/or packaging mistakes, or a failure to advise consumers of certain hazards in connection with the foreseeable use of the dangerous product. For instance, a knife that is made properly but packaged with no warnings that it is sharp and should be handled carefully may have a marketing defect.

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