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Construction accidents occur frequently in Connecticut due to carelessness, failure to train, or failure to warn of hidden dangers. Many construction accidents also occur due to failure to follow safety standards, failure to develop and enforce appropriate site safety management plans, or failure to give workers adequate training before equipping them with construction tools. Many injured construction workers believe that if they are injured on the job, they can only recover workers’ compensation benefits. This is not always true. Often, an injured worker may have a claim against the general contractor, one or more subcontractors, and/or the owners of the premises. If a defective tool, material, or piece of equipment caused injury, the injured construction worker may also have a claim against the item’s manufacturer or seller. The Kocian Law Group has represented numerous claimants in construction cases, and we can help you if you were injured in a construction accident.

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Construction Accident Investigation

Construction accident attorneys at the Kocian Law Group investigate all aspects of the accident to determine whether claims can be made against third parties other than the employer of the injured worker. Such claims can often be complex and involve multiple contractors and claims of negligence. Therefore, it is beneficial to hire the experienced construction accident lawyers at the Kocian Law Group early to preserve evidence, review witness accounts, and aggressively pursue all negligent parties. Many construction accident claims involve violations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (“OSHA”), OSHA may require accident reports in many instances. Attorneys at the Kocian Law Group can assist the injured worker at all steps of the case, including documenting the injury and notifying the proper parties of the accident.

Types of Construction Accidents

Many construction accident cases involve injuries caused by:

  1. Falls, including falls caused by a lack of proper fall protection, equipment, or training;
  2. Aerial lifts and/or falls from aerial lifts due to improper training, defective equipment, or safety hazards in the workplace environment;
  3. Crush injuries or blunt force trauma from falling objects;
  4. Crane accidents due to faulty rigging, improper training, defective equipment, or improper training;
  5. Accidents due to carelessness in operating vehicles or equipment;
  6. Falls from scaffolding;
  7. Amputation injuries;
  8. Chemical exposures and burns;
  9. Environmental hazards such as air pollutants or exposures to carcinogens;
  10. Injuries due to defective tools, lack of guarding, or improperly trained personnel. Such injuries may involve puncture wounds, lacerations, amputations, bone fractures, or torn ligaments and tendons.
  11. Injuries due to intoxication or medical conditions of personnel at the work site.

It may not always be clear who is responsible for injuries at a construction site, and the persons involved often try to shift blame amongst themselves. The Hartford construction accident attorneys at the Kocian Law Group have many years of experience in evaluating construction accidents. Our knowledge base, combined with expert analysis in serious construction accident cases, can ensure that the right persons are held responsible for serious injuries. In many instances, the cause of an accident is not apparent until an expert reviews evidence, witness accounts, photographs, and sometimes even re-creations of the conditions using the same or similar equipment. The Kocian Law Group construction attorneys have experience working with many types of experts, including, but not limited to engineers, safety consultants, and former contractors. Many cases can involve complex reconstruction and knowledge of physics, regulations in the industry, and mechanical setup and inspection. Our firm has employed experts who have sat on the Board of ANSI and OSHA and published authors in the field of construction safety. The Kocian Law Group has represented many claimants in construction cases. If you or a loved one was injured in a construction accident, contact us today for advice and assistance.