Industrial Products & Equipment Injury Attorney

industrial products equipment

Those who work in industrial settings should be able to rely on the fact that their employer has taken required steps to ensure safety, and that the tools and materials they use are free from hidden defects. When safety steps are ignored or hidden defects lurk in the design or manufacture of tools, equipment, and materials, catastrophic injury can result. If you’ve been harmed by industrial products or by a company’s failure to follow safety standards, call the product liability lawyers at Kocian Law Group.

Some industrial products which may cause serious injury or death include:

  • Construction equipment. This can include bulldozers, forklifts, demolition balls, and explosives.
  • Ladders and cherry-pickers. When either the product is defective or the equipment was not used properly or not used in accord with safety standards.
  • Power tools such as nail guns, staple guns, electric screwdrivers, and drills.
  • Saws. Any kind of saw can pose a major threat. Mechanized saws such as table saws, chain saws, circular saws, and chainsaws in particular cause many emergency room visits. The more moving parts it has, the more chances a saw has to fail.
  • Lawn care tools like mowers, snow-blowers, and leaf blowers.
  • Chemicals
  • Food processing equipment
  • Agricultural tools