Connecticut Defective Drug Attorney

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Medical science has advanced in recent years, but the safety of medications still isn’t perfect. A drug that has been recalled has been taken off the market by the company that produced it because it poses unreasonable risks to those who take it. If you have suffered harm from the side effects of a drug or if a defective drug has damaged you, the Kocian Law Group can help.

A defective drug is a drug that doesn’t work as it was intended. Sometimes, a batch of a drug may be defective rather than the whole line. So, while a particular medication normally works well, you may receive medication from a bad batch of medication that was somehow tainted, rendering it either ineffective or dangerous. Drugs can also be contaminated due to failure to sterilize drug manufacturing equipment, unsanitary manufacturing, improper storage, or equipment failure.

A falsely-advertised drug is a drug that cannot do what its makers claim it can. This can lead to ineffective treatment and a host of side effects from undisclosed properties of the drug. If a company falsely advertises a drug, you may face harm from the effects of the drug itself, as well as harm because your condition was not treated properly when it was diagnosed.

If you’ve been harmed by a defective, mislabeled, or falsely-advertised drug, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced product liability attorneys at the Kocian Law Group.