Client Testimonials

Eric F. 04/09/19

I am very happy with all this firm did for me. My dear, longtime friend referred me to your office and he told me that you all were great and you really are! Thank you and good job!

Luz A. 04/04/19

Kocian Law group was very knowledgeable about the laws concerning my case and they explained in detail how they were going to proceed. This communication was very helpful to me so I could understand how things worked.KLG gathered all of the information that they needed from me in order to investigate and follow through with my claim. They were also able to give me a timeframe of the process. They called me regularly throughout the entire process to provide me with updates about how things were going. The information I received was very specific and the personal attention was very courteous and welcomed. I was never left wondering about how things were going. In the end, I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. I am very satisfied with the services and attention I received from KLG. In the future, I would not hesitate to seek their services if I need it because they displayed a high level of professionalism and care.

Daniel H. 04/03/19

The Kocian Law Group has represented me a couple of times. As usual, they did a great job with everything and I have no complaints. I would recommend this law firm to anyone. I would truly like to thank Attorney Domenic Perito and his paralegals for their great effort into settling this case for me.

Sunday S. 03/22/19

I am satisfied with the services provided throughout my case process.

Linda H. 03/20/19

A co-worker recommended this law group to me and I am so glad they led me to your office. I called, and then came in for my initial appointment and I liked everything that Attorney Jackson Schipke discussed with me so I signed on and I am so happy I did.

Chada M. 03/13/19

I have enjoyed working with this law firm. I received so much respect. Everyone is nice and friendly here. I will definitely be back if and when needed. I will pass their contact information along to people in need.

Ergil M. 03/08/19

I feel satisfied with the work done by my attorney. They had great organizational skills, provided good attention and kept me informed of the case. My attorney was very upfront with me and I am thankful for that. Overall, my time here with my case was good. Thank you again.

Madeline A. 03/05/19

I am grateful for the great services I received during my case. They treated me well and the Attorney did a great job. I am truly grateful for all your work. Thank you.

Kiara R. 03/04/19

It was a pleasure having the Kocian Law Group work on my daughter’s case. They are very professional and organized. They always kept me informed of every aspect of the case.

Alissa M. 02/28/19

They kept me informed and notified of any updates throughout the entire case. They are very helpful and hardworking people.