Client Testimonials

Jose B. 10/31/14

I am very happy and content with the whole law firm. They were always attentive to my needs even when I had to drop something off in the office last minute. They were very attentive to my case from beginning to end. I am sincerely satisfied with the law firm and my attorney. If it wasn’t for my lawyer, my case would have never moved along. I will always recommend the Kocian Law Group to anyone who is hurt.

Kenneth S. 10/29/14

When I first spoke to Nick Kocian, I told him that this would be a tough case and that everything that could go wrong would and it did to the tune. I have never seen anything like this a dozen times. Your firm has been vigilant and courteous throughout my entire case. Starting at the desk, where Gabby has been a joy and a lifesaver through some hard times the communication was excellent and my phone calls, the good and the bad, were welcomed. It’s been a rough road, real rough, but thanks to you all, I can “repave” and get back on it. Special thanks to Gabby.

Robert D. 10/29/14

Back in 2007, I had a work related injury. I was having trouble with the company’s attorney as I was seeking authorization for medical treatment due to my injury. After many calls to the company’s attorney, I was having no luck, until I sought professional attention from the Kocian Law Group. I made contact with Attorney Nicholas T. Kocian. I retained this attorney to represent me with my case. I was very pleased with the knowledge of Attorney Kocian in regards to my issues. The professionalism that I received during my experience with Kocian Law Group made my life easier. As my case was heard and the representation of the Kocian Law Group, all of my work related issues were dealt with due to the personal attention from Attorney Kocian. I was informed many times over the years by the attorney that I hired, Mr. Nicholas T. Kocian along with his professional staff. After the surgery that I needed in regards to my work related injury, my case was settled. I highly recommend this law group; Kocian Law Group.

Jeremy C. 10/24/14

The Kocian Law Group did an excellent job keeping me informed on the case and they made great process in good time. I felt that whenever I had a question, I could get an answer within 24 hours with no issue. I achieved the results I was looking for only with the help of the Kocian Law Group. I could not be more pleased with their services.

Melinda A. 10/23/14

The Kocian Law Group was amazing! They made sure I got the care I needed and were by my side through the entire process. My lawyer was always there to answer my questions or just lend a helping hand. I am very pleased I picked them. I know they worked very hard and always had my best interest at heart. P.S. The front desk staff is great!

John P. 10/21/14

I just would like to say I was very pleased with the Kocian Law Group. My experience with them has been great. They are very professional and organized. They always kept me informed of my case and made sure I was taken well care of. I have passed their cards out to people I know. I trust them very much.

Laura D. 10/21/14

My experience at Kocian Law Group was excellent. My attorney was very knowledgeable, organized and efficient in the handling of my personal injury case. The office staff also went above and beyond when accommodating anything I requested. My lawyer was able to settle my case in a reasonable amount of time and with all of my medical bills, personal items, lost wages, and student scholarship being taken care of monetarily.

Mary G. 10/16/14

I was so pleased with Kocian Law Group. They were so kind, understanding and very patient. They handled 2 cases for me and each time they were AWESOME. They always made sure I understood what was going on. To me, it almost felt like they were family and the results were always great. They kept me informed of everything. I was and will always be grateful to the law firm. God bless them all even the secretaries are so sweet. Kocian Law Group, you rock!

Yesenia R. 10/16/14

I have been a client of Attorney Kocian’s for many years. He has always taken good care of me and my cases. I am very happy and satisfied with their services. Then handle all my cases professionally and efficiently. This is why I always come back!

Candice A. 10/10/14

Their knowledge of the law was amazing! They were very helpful to help me find the right kind of doctors to help me get better and healed. They kept me up to date on all that was going on in my case and gave me options through this ordeal. I am very happy with the results with my case and would come back if I needed any legal advice in the future.