Connecticut Playground Accident Attorney

playground accidents

A few bumps and scrapes are a normal part of childhood, but when serious injury occurs on a playground, you may be looking for some answers. Those who maintain playgrounds must keep them up to certain safety standards. Hidden dangers or unreasonably serious dangers on a playground often entitle an injured child or caregiver to seek legal compensation for injuries. Many serious playground injuries can be prevented with proper safety features.

For maximum safety, all playgrounds should:

  • Provide a safe ground surface that cushions falls
  • Regularly inspect structures and equipment for damage
  • Promptly repair any damage found
  • Train staff thoroughly
  • Post warnings for known hazards
  • Keep equipment clean and rust free
  • Repair or remove any jagged edges or sharp points
  • Ensure the design of playground structures is age-appropriate

If faulty playground equipment injured your child, you are entitled to just compensation. You should not have to deal with high medical bills or other losses due to someone else’s negligence. Kocian Law Group is a family firm with decades of experience in personal injury. We can help you deal with the fallout from inadequate playground facilities as well as help you file a negligent supervision suit if your child was injured under someone else’s care.

At Kocian Law Group, we believe that all children have a right to safe playground experiences. Negligence must not go without consequence when it leads to the injury of a child. Call Kocian Law Group for a free consultation today.