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negligent supervision

Leaving your child in someone else’s care can be nerve-wracking. You have to trust that the caregiver will look after your child’s safety as diligently as you do, and that’s a lot of trust to put in another person. When a negligent caregiver breaks your trust, your child pays the price. In this difficult time, you can count on Kocian Law Group. We will fight for your and your child’s rights, and we will not allow the negligent care that harmed your child to pass without consequence.

The law considers a caregiver “negligent” when he or she does not provide for the needs of your child. For example, if a daycare kept your child for hours on end and did provide agreed-upon meals, the daycare is probably negligent. “Negligent supervision” arises when, through lack of appropriate attention, your child suffers serious injury or death.

Many childhood accidents and injuries can be prevented if a caregiver simply watches the child, as they agreed to do when they assumed responsibility for the child. Some areas that require particularly diligent supervision are:

  • In and around pools, lakes, and other bodies of water
  • Near roadways and streets
  • Riding in cars
  • In crowded places where a child is liable to get lost or trampled
  • During mealtimes, to prevent choking
  • Hot cars – children cannot be left alone in a hot car
  • Stoves, ovens, and campfires
  • Stairways and balconies

Caregivers must also take other dangers into account. For example, small children should not be allowed to handle choking hazards like small toys or sharp objects. Letting a young child play with a dangerous implement can in itself be considered negligent, even if the caregiver was in the room at the time. A caregiver must not merely sit near your child, but must also actively watch him or her and intervene when necessary to protect the child’s safety. If the caregiver is watching multiple children at the same time, the caregiver has a responsibility to keep the children from harming each other. Many daycare injuries occur because the caregiver attempts to look after too many children at one time, stretching the caregiver’s resources too thin and leading to negligent supervision.

When caregivers fail, Kocian Law Group steps in. We can help you gain just compensation for medical bills and for your child’s pain and suffering. Negligent supervision is a serious matter and Kocian Law Group will ensure that those responsible for your child’s injuries are brought to justice. Contact our premises liability lawyers for a free consultation today.