Connecticut Amusement Park Accident Attorney

amusement park accidentsKocian Law Group attorneys have decades of experience handling personal injury cases. Injuries at amusement parks and theme parks often involve three types of personal injury law:

These cases often require complex analysis of several different areas of law in order to maximize recovery.

Kocian Law Group attorneys are skilled at determining how to maximize an injured person’s recovery after an amusement park or theme park injury. Injuries at amusement parks can often be devastating. These injuries may involve catastrophic damage or even death. The Kocian Law Group has handled many amusement park accident cases involving both physical injuries and emotional or psychological damage. We’ve also handled many cases involving injury to children, which require us to work through the complicated probate court process for handling any recovery these young victims receive. We handle every step of the process, from intake and assessment of how to obtain recovery to finalizing the recovery and distributing the settlement for the injured child or adult.

Types of Amusement Park Injuries

Injuries at amusement parks can involve blunt force trauma, spinal injuries, falls from heights, cuts, abrasions, traumatic brain injuries, and wrongful death. After any amusement park injury, it is crucial to obtain legal counsel early in the process to guide the investigation and ensure expert evaluation of the injury and its causes. Proper legal investigation at an early stage can also reveal whether more than one person or company contributed to the injury. The experienced attorneys at the Kocian Law Group will assess your case and analyze the injury to determine its causes and prosecute all responsible persons. An attorney’s help is particularly important when a child is injured, because injuries to minor children require special considerations due to the child’s age.

Injuries in amusement parks and theme parks can occur on water slides, roller coasters, and any ride with repetitive circular or elliptical motions, which increase the risks of being thrown from the ride. Injuries may involve sharp objects or blunt force trauma, defective restraint systems, defects in stairways and walkways, derailment, mechanical failure, falls from a height, pinch point injuries, or falling objects or objects dropped by other passengers.

Failure to Train Staff or Maintain Rides

Many amusement park injuries result from the park’s failure to properly train its staff. Staff must know the correct ways to secure riders and to check for proper passenger positioning and weight distribution before the ride begins. Proper staff training prevents many injuries and, in many cases, inattention or lack of training of park staff is a major contributor to injuries.

Maintenance of moving rides may also fall below the standard of care. Negligent failure to ensure that rides receive proper maintenance often results in innocent patrons sustaining serious injuries. An amusement park owner’s failure to maintain the park’s rides, particularly when the park charges admission fees to use the rides, is inexcusable, as is any failure to properly train staff. These failures lead to predictable and clearly preventable injuries.

Kocian Law Group attorneys will conduct a detailed assessment of all the factors that may have caused an injury, to make sure you receive the maximum available recovery in any case of negligence.