Connecticut Eye Injury Attorney

eye injuries

The eyes are not just the windows to the soul, but also the windows to our lives. About 80 percent of the sensory information the average human being relies on is visual. Any damage to the eyes severely affects a person’s ability to function in society. Loss of eyesight can mean loss of job, loss of financial security, and the loss of enjoyment of daily activities.

Eye injuries can occur due to many factors, including surgery errors, medical errors, and defective products. Any time your eye is cut, lacerated, sustains trauma, suffers abrasions, or is otherwise injured, a resulting loss of sight may mean your life takes a drastic and potentially devastating turn. Damage to the bones and tissues surrounding the eyeball also can cause a great deal of pain and difficulty.

Eye injuries may result from negligence in a number of contexts. Medical malpractice actions that can cause eye injuries include:

Products that may contain hidden defects can also injure eyes, even when they are used as directed.

Any loss of function should not be discounted just because the outward eyeball appears physically unhurt. Damage to the internal structures of the eye can also result in a lifelong loss of vision. If you’ve suffered an eye injury and you believe someone else’s negligence is to blame, the Kocian Law Group can help.