Connecticut Surgical Errors Attorney

surgical errorsSurgery is one of the most serious medical procedures performed. Patients undergoing surgery must trust that the doctors will do their job properly while they are unconscious.

Common surgical errors include:

  • mixing up patients and performing the wrong procedure on the wrong person
  • performing surgery on the wrong area of the body
  • failing to get informed consent
  • defective medical products and devices
  • anesthesia mistakes
  • infection caused by non-sterile implements
  • post and pre-operative errors
  • tools and devices left behind in body cavities
  • puncturing organs, veins, and arteries
  • failing to properly perform surgical procedure, leading to the surgery having no effect or actively causing harm

Surgical errors can lead to permanent disability and even death. They can require additional surgery to correct the error, imposing more medical expenses and lost work time on patients.

To recoup monetary loses and gain compensation for suffering due to surgical errors, call Kocian Law Group. Using trained experts, our medical malpractice lawyers will determine if medical professionals violated standards of care during your surgery. You should not have had to suffer due to a preventable error. We can ensure that you receive just compensation for your pain.