Connecticut Stroke Misdiagnosis Attorney


A stroke can cause death or serious brain damage. When strokes are misdiagnosed, you lose precious recovery time. At Kocian Law Group, we believe that everyone has the right to prompt, efficient medical treatment. All doctors should follow sound standards of care to prevent misdiagnosis and malpractice.

When arteries or veins rupture or get blocked, the brain sometimes cannot get the blood it needs. Blood provides fuel and oxygen to the brain and, without it, brain cells die. This condition is known as a stroke.

Strokes come in two types: ischemic and hemorrhagic. Most strokes are ischemic: they are caused by a blood clot blocking blood flow to the brain. Hemorrhagic strokes, which are less common, occur when an artery or vessel ruptures.

Strokes can lead to a wide variety of symptoms and outcomes, depending on severity. Since stroke sufferers can present any of a wide range of symptoms, some of which are quite subtle, stroke can be difficult to diagnose. Doctors who suspect a stroke is involved must examine their patients carefully.

Some conditions that can occur as results of stoke are:

  • limb weakness
  • paralysis
  • incontinence
  • trouble speaking
  • difficulty reading or writing
  • weakness on half the body
  • death

Doctors diagnose strokes using a number of methods. They can use blood tests, MRIs, CT scans, and ultrasounds to examine the brain. Special dyes injected in the arteries can let signs of rupture show on X-rays. However, sometimes, either through human error or radiological misdiagnosis, a stroke fails to be diagnosed.

Strokes, like many diseases, respond best to immediate treatment. Hemorrhagic strokes in particular often require surgical intervention. Delayed treatment due to misdiagnosis jeopardizes your chances of regaining maximum brain and body function.

Loss of function, loss of wages, and loss of joy in life can all occur or be exacerbated due to stroke misdiagnosis. Call Kocian Law Group for a free consultation to start on the path to recovery. Our medical malpractice lawyers in CT can help you get money for medical expenses, past and future, as well as pain and suffering. You deserve appropriate treatment. Let us help you get it.