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About Our Corporate Services

Representing corporate clientele for more than a quarter of a century, Kocian Law Group has successfully represented numerous corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, businesses and franchisees.

At Kocian Law Group we understand that opening a business, creating a corporation or a limited liability company, or commencing a partnership can be a confusing and complicated endeavor for the unrepresented individual.

There are, of course, Internet-based companies that claim incorporating a business or creating an LLC is a simple matter. They claim they can help you create your business with a few computer keyboard strokes and a few clicks of your mouse. The truly surprising fact of the matter is that each business, like each individual, is unique. Cookie-cutter forms are usually not the best option. Not every business needs to be incorporated. You have options. At Kocian Law Group we can help you to negotiate those options and open your business successfully. We do this while providing the personal attention you deserve. It is a service that no Internet-based service could ever provide.

Our corporate clients often ask the following questions:

  • What types of business entities are available?
  • Do I need to incorporate?
  • Should I form a limited liability company, or LLC?
  • What are the advantages or disadvantages of a corporation or LLC?
  • Are there tax consequences that I need to be aware of?
  • Should I form a partnership?
  • Is my partner trustworthy?
  • Can I protect my assets without incorporating?
  • Can I create a mechanism to end the partnership if I feel the time is right or I am ready to “cash-out”?
  • What happens to my business when/if I die?
  • Will my family receive my business?

These are kinds of questions that only an experienced attorney can provide the answer too. No website could ever answer these questions, while still considering your needs and life experience.

At Kocian Law Group we can assist and guide you with the formation of corporations, formation of LLCs and other corporate matters.

More Than Just Creating a Business

Our corporate services go beyond merely creating business entities. We are experienced in negotiating corporate leases with sophisticated and represented landlords and property brokers whose only interest is in the collection of rent. We have reduced the terms of such leases and the rent payments. Our legal team has convinced landlords to enforce covenants of quiet enjoyment, and the terms of their own leases to allow our clients and their tenants to succeed in business. We can even help you secure a longer lease in order to maintain your current business location.

At Kocian Law Group, we have successfully negotiated complicated franchise agreements with seemingly unyielding corporate entities (franchisors) who put their interests above those of their franchisees. The franchisors are, of course, predominantly interested in the successful collection of franchise fees and monthly payments. Quality franchisors should also care about the success of their franchisees-because when they succeed so does the franchisor. Our client’s interests are in the successful creation of a business that they can leave to their children and their children’s children. Our team takes necessary legal action to create the legal framework for our client’s long-term sustainable success. To that end, we have made persuasive legal arguments, successfully, with national corporate entities to allow our clients to open franchised businesses with as little risk as possible to the franchisee, while still being respectful of the needs and concerns of the franchisor.

Our experienced and knowledgeable corporate attorneys are well-steeped in corporate law and the application of Connecticut law to those business entities. Let us put our collective decades of experience to work for you.

Contact Our Corporation Attorneys

Whatever your legal concerns may be regarding any type of corporate entity, including corporation, limited liability company and partnership, the CT business lawyers at Kocian Law Group can help you find the best solution for your situation. Contact Kocian Law Group online or by calling 1-860-730-6100 to schedule an initial consultation.