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Pedestrians are much smaller and slower than cars, and although pedestrians have the right to use the roadways, they are highly vulnerable to injury while near a road. Motorists have a responsibility to watch out for pedestrians. If you have been knocked down or injured by a car, you deserve just compensation.

Every year, thousands of pedestrians are killed in collisions with cars. Still more sustain serious injuries. Residential areas and parking lots can be especially rife with danger, as many people speed through these areas without checking for pedestrians or small children. Even crosswalks are not always safe, as motorists make right turns on red without checking to see if pedestrians are walking across the road. In fact, a crosswalk is one of the most likely places for a pedestrian knockdown accident, as it is the one place that cars and pedestrians are virtually guaranteed to cross paths.

Common Pedestrian Knockdown Injuries

When involved in a collision, a pedestrian might sustain:

  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Serious or fatal injury

If you have been injured by a car, you will likely need time to recover from your injuries. This may mean time spent in a hospital or rehabilitation center away from your job and family, as your bills and obligations pile up around you.

Kocian Law Group will Fight for your Rights in a Pedestrian Knockdown Case

Insurance companies who represent negligent drivers responsible for knocking down a pedestrian usually rely on a handful of highly predictable defenses. One common defense is that the pedestrian was somehow responsible for his or her own injury. This defense is especially common when the injured pedestrian is a child. At the Kocian Law Group, in order to obtain justice and a fair result for our clientele, we pride ourselves on successfully fighting these defenses and presenting all the facts that may be relevant to the prosecution of your pedestrian knockdown case.

Under Connecticut law, drivers have a duty to “see that which can be seen” on the public roadways. This means that drivers cannot simply assert the defense that “the pedestrian should have seen my car” and thereby avoided the accident. Connecticut drivers have a legal duty to observe and take reasonable actions in response to what can be seen on the public roads. Also, when drivers are operating their vehicles in school areas, where children are known to play, they have a duty to pay attention in case a child runs into the street in front of their vehicle. Finally, when a pedestrian is walking in a legal crosswalk, the pedestrian, generally, has the right of way to proceed; the vehicle driver must wait until the pedestrian is out of the way.

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If you and your family have been injured in a pedestrian knockdown, call the Kocian Law Group. With decades of experience in personal injury, we will fight for your rights. We can help you recoup losses for medical bills, both past and future, time out of work, and pain and suffering. If you’ve been injured by a car, push back and get the justice to which you are entitled.