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You can rely on the Kocian Law Group to assist you with your Social Security disability claim. We have a proven record of obtaining fully favorable decisions at both the initial application level and the administrative hearing level. We have assisted numerous claimants who were unable to work due to physical, emotional and/or mental disabilities.

Unfortunately, many claimants who submit an application for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits are rejected. Whether you have yet to file your initial application or are facing a reconsideration or administrative hearing, you need an advocate who can help you build the strongest possible case. While no law firm can make any guarantee of success in any legal proceeding, including Social Security cases, having a law firm which focuses on personal injury claims at this critical juncture is your best chance for a fully favorable decision.

Kocian Law Group is committed to helping you secure the benefits you need with aggressive, pro-active, and timely representation. Be assured that we will answer your questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. The ongoing communication and exchange between Kocian Law Group and its clients directly impacts the success of our outcomes. If you need zealous legal representation, then you should not hesitate to contact the Kocian Law Group to pursue you claims in the manner most likely to lead to favorable results.

Kocian Law Group will prepare you thoroughly for your hearing before the administrative law judge. Among the tasks we aim to accomplish are the following:

  • We will formulate a theme for your case and amass all of the medical evidence available to support our claims.
  • We submit all of the necessary documentation with diligence. We will also assist you in presenting your most credible claim before the SSA.
  • We compile the required evidence by working closely with your treating medical physicians and requesting that they complete comprehensive medical statements concerning your conditions.

We can help you file the initial application, handle your request for reconsideration, and even represent you in a hearing before the Administrative law judge [ALJ]. If you’re considering appealing a denial and need an attorney, please do not hesitate to contact us. There are very strict time limitations for obtaining Social Security disability benefits and appealing any denial or discontinuation of benefits.

There are several ways to start the application process for disability benefits. You may apply in person, by telephone, via mail, or on the internet.

In order to be deemed disabled, you must be suffering from a physical or mental condition or a group of conditions that prevent you from having substantial gainful employment for a minimum of twelve months and/or that are likely to result in your death.