Can You Receive SSD Benefits for Pulmonary Disorders/Lung Disease in Connecticut?

Pulmonary Lung Disease Lawyer | Kocian Law

If you are battling a pulmonary disorder or lung disease, then you may be eligible to receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Please consider contacting a member of the Kocian Law Group to assist you in presenting your case to the SSA in the best possible light.

Among the medical evidence that the SSA evaluates when determining whether a claimant qualifies for Social Security disability benefits are the scores on the forced expiratory volume (FEV) tests, which measure breathing and lung capacity. These are usually considered in conjunction with other factors, including treatment notes, pulmonary function studies, chest x-rays, and any other evidence of the pulmonary disorder or lung disease. Typically, the SSA will look at the most recent evidence in the medical records to determine the status of the disease.

Chronic or recurring conditions like bronchitis, pneumonia, or respiratory failure may also qualify a patient for SSD benefits, especially if they occur at least six times within twelve months.

If you have a pulmonary disorder or lung disease, you may apply for SSD benefits. You have the right to be represented by an SSD attorney of your choice at every step of the process, from filing your initial application to appealing any denial of benefits in front of an administrative law judge. Your attorney can provide valuable help in building and presenting your case.

Contact a lawyer at Kocian Law Group to discuss how we can help you file your claim. Our lawyers are experienced in filing Social Security disability claims, and will utilize their knowledge to earn you the best possible outcome.