Can You Receive SSD Benefits for an Arm Injury?

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If you have been injured in your arm, shoulder or hand, and the symptoms generated from these injuries are significant, then you may qualify for receipt of Social Security Disability benefits.

One of the leading arm injuries is the often work-related condition of “carpal tunnel syndrome.” Some of the hallmark symptoms of this illness include burning; impairment of touch; numbness; pain; soreness; tingling; and weakness in the first three fingers (thumb, index finger and middle finger).

Another common work-connected injury to the arms and hands are crushing injuries which may leave you with amputated or mangled fingers. Some hand injuries can leave you with decreased motion, a weakened grip and an inability to flex your finger(s). Clearly, it would be difficult to maintain substantial gainful work activities with these restrictions.

In determining whether an individual is disabled for the purpose of the Social Security Act, the Social Security Administration (SSA) applies a five-factor test:

  • Is the individual presently engaged in any substantial gainful activity?
  • Is the individual suffering from any severe physical (or mental) impairment?
  • Is the individual suffering from any impairment which equals or exceeds those encompassed in the listing of impairments?
  • Does the individual’s impairment prevent the performance of past relevant work?
  • Does the individual’s impairment prevent her or him from doing any other type of work? If the answer is “Yes”, then the person is disabled.

If you are unsure about your entitlement to disability, then you need to consult with a law firm that can evaluate your case in light of the foregoing considerations.

When you hire the Kocian Law Group, we do the following on your behalf:

  • Gather information, including all of the medical data from your treating sources, and then show how your arm and/or hand injuries are disabling.
  • Demonstrate your inability to perform the tasks required of your previous occupation due to the severity of your shoulder, arm, or hand injuries.
  • Prove your shoulder, arm, or hand impairments are so pervasive that they prevent you from engaging in any substantial gainful activity.

The Kocian Law Group handles these type of disability cases on a contingent-fee basis. This means that if there is no recovery of benefits for you, then there is no legal fee. This arrangement alleviates the costs you face and challenges us to do our best for you.

Contact us now for your complimentary consultation. When you consult with the Kocian Law Group:

  • We listen carefully to your history and how it relates to your claim for disability.
  • We provide aggressive and zealous representation, whether it be at the stage of an initial application, a reconsideration level, or at an administrative hearing before the judge.
  • We are available for you any time of the day or evening and even on weekends by appointment.