Can You Receive SSD Benefits for AIDS/HIV?

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If you are suffering from Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( HIV) or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and the symptoms emanating from these infectious diseases are severe, then you may have an impairment which prevents you from engaging in any substantial gainful activity.

Some of the more common symptoms of the HIV and/or AIDS diseases include fatigue, fever, malaise, night sweats, numbness, pain, persistent cough, and weight loss. When you are not physically strong , fighting for your legal rights can feel overwhelming. Let the Kocian Law Group assist you in pursuing your eligibility to receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

The criteria needed to qualify for receipt of disability benefits include:

  • An inability to perform the tasks required of your previous occupation;
  • The diagnosis of a medical condition (mental and/or physical) that is so serious it prevents you from doing any substantial gainful work; and
  • The diagnosed medical condition(s) must last or be expected to last for at least twelve (12) months consecutively and/or to result in death.

If you are suffering from the intense and persistent symptoms associated with HIV and/or AIDS, then you need to consult with a law firm that can present your case to the SSA in the most compelling light.

When you hire the Kocian Law Group, we work on your behalf by:

  • Marshaling the facts of your individual case, including results of laboratory tests, and other medical evidence from your treating sources. We use this evidence to show how your symptoms are consistent with your diagnosis and affect your ability to work;
  • Utilizing questionnaires, which reference a multitude of symptoms pertaining to the progression of the HIV and/or AIDS diseases, and building a case utilizing every manifestation of the diseases as documented in your medical records ; and
  • Working closely and maintaining good rapport with your treating physicians to prove how your condition is debilitating and severely hampers your capacity for work.

Under a doctrine known as the “treating physician’s rule”, in general, your healthcare provider’s professional opinion regarding the issue of medically disability is entitled to more weight than another independent physician’s findings.

If you are suffering from HIV and/or AIDS, then you may have limitations of the activities of daily living and may not be able to maintain your household, much less hold down a job.

The Kocian Law Group recognizes the following:

  • You need a representative who knows that the symptoms of HIV and AIDS may make it difficult to sustain concentration or maintain an adequate pace to complete everyday ordinary tasks
  • You need a representative who is aware that these are cunning diseases and that a disability case based on their presence requires in-depth preparation so that the presentation of your claims persuades the decision-maker, whether it be a disability examiner or an Administrative Law Judge; and
  • You need a representative who will show how you are entitled to a disability finding on the basis of the severity of your HIV and/or AIDS.

Contact us now for your complimentary consultation. When you consult with the Kocian Law Group:

  • We will discuss the strengths and weakness of your claim;
  • We will work to present the favorable aspects of your claim while simultaneously preparing rebuttal evidence to defend any weaknesses in your case;
  • We will provide top quality representation during an initial application, a reconsideration, or at an administrative hearing before the Court; We are available for evening and weekend appointments.