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When buying or selling a house, having a lawyer review all the paperwork can help you avoid the numerous legal issues that can arise in real estate. With experienced legal counsel, you can protect yourself in a real estate transaction, whether you are buying or selling.

In real estate transactions, many people rely on form contracts provided by realtors. These “one size fits all” contracts do not always take into account the unique circumstances of your transaction, however. Letting Kocian Law Group personalize your real estate agreement will ensure that all terms of the transaction are clear, legal, and fair.

When you buy a home, the terms of your agreement should protect you. Kocian Law Group can ensure your agreement contains protective terms like:

  • Mortgage contingency protection. This “escape clause” protects you if you cannot get a mortgage to cover the purchase price of the property;
  • Inspection protection. Every home has mechanical, electrical and plumbing components. These major systems should function properly. By having proper inspection provisions in your contract you can avoid purchasing a home with major issues, or you can negotiate a decrease in the purchase price of a home with major issues; and
  • Miscellaneous protections. Other types of protection for buyers include specifications about which items are staying with the home and are included in its purchase price and an examination of the property’s title to ensure you receive a good legal title without any liens or other limitations. Many “one size fits all” real estate contracts do not offer these important protections.

Kocian Law Group can also help you avoid common problems like:

  • Confusion about taxes. We can answer questions about property and income taxes that often attach to the purchase or sale of a house.
  • Purchase agreement issues. The purchase agreement outlines the conditions under which the buyer will purchase the house. We can ensure your purchase agreement meets your needs and reflects your understanding of the deal. For example, who is responsible if the property is later found to contain hazardous waste? What will happen if the closing falls through? Will the down payment be returned or held in escrow?
  • Illegal additions. You want to make sure that, if a seller added on to a property, it was a legal alteration. Similarly, there are rules regulating what types of structures you can build in residential areas. If you want to add on to a house, you typically have to clear it with local government. Kocian Law Group can help with this.
  • Title issues. Both the buyer and the seller must understand what property is being sold. The seller must have the correct title to the property in order to sell. When a title search reveals that the property is larger or smaller than believed or that a property owner doesn’t own the property as described, legal counsel can be key to sorting out the difference.
  • Closing disagreements. Kocian Law Group can outline and explain closing costs. We can also help settle any disputes over what should happen to personal effects at the time of the closing and how soon the buyer will be able to move in.

Because buyers and sellers have opposing interests in many cases, a good real estate lawyer is essential to ensure that your rights are protected and that the deal goes down fairly and legally. Whether you are buying or selling, trust Kocian Law Group to look out for your legal interests.