Proving Fault When Negligent Treatment Leads to Brain Damage in Connecticut

If you are awaiting the arrival of your child, you may be filled with anticipation and ready to welcome him or her into the world. Even though you have yet to physically meet your child, chances are, you may already be willing to do whatever it takes to shield him or her from harm.

Unfortunately, this might not be up to you and you alone, as medical professionals may also play a role in ensuring the safe birth of your child. Should negligence be present in any form throughout labor, the results could be devastating, and improper treatment could leave your baby suffering from brain damage.

Identifying the signs of brain damage early in life

Unfortunately, the symptoms of brain damage might not be immediately apparent, and, instead, a child may only begin to present symptoms of a medical condition as they begin to grow. However, spotting the signs of brain damage as soon as possible could be essential to ensuring your child receives the proper care, and some symptoms to watch out for may include the following:

  • Symptoms that are physical: Brain damage can cause your child to experience a variety of medical conditions, ranging from severe headaches to seizures or paralysis. Such injuries can also inhibit a child’s coordination and disrupt his or her physical development.
  • Symptoms that are cognitive: A child who suffers brain damage may also exhibit issues with memory or the ability to learn, and he or she may also experience issues in learning to communicate with others.
  • Medical conditions: Brain damage could also cause your child to suffer from a variety of serious medical conditions, such as cerebral palsy or epilepsy.

If the negligence of a medical professional caused your child to suffer brain damage, you may wish to hold the responsible party accountable through the civil justice system. However, proving that negligent treatment is to blame can be an arduous task, and seeking assistance is likely in your best interests.

Guidance moving forward

Severe brain damage can take a toll on the life of a child, and it could lead to a need for long-term or permanent medical care. With the high costs of such treatment, you could be in search of some much-needed restitution, but the process can be exceedingly complex. However, by consulting with someone who is knowledgeable in federal and Connecticut state laws surrounding your situation, you could find yourself in a much better position to pursue the compensation deserved through a medical malpractice claim.