Connecticut Snowboarding Accident Attorney

snowboarding accidentsWhen your recreational time turns disastrous, you can count on Kocian Law Group. We will help you obtain just compensation for the negligence of others that may cause you to incur medical bills and time out of work due to snowboarding accidents.

Common snowboarding accidents involve:

  • Collisions with objects
  • Faulty equipment
  • Poor instruction
  • Chair lifts
  • Exposure or being left at the accident site without treatment for a long period of time

Lodge and recreational resort owners have a duty to:

  • Keep the property well maintained
  • Have a property layout that is conducive to snowboarding
  • Post signs and warnings about potential hazards
  • Employ well-trained staff
  • Mark trails and slopes appropriate to the skill level required for
    navigating them

If you’ve been in a snowboarding accident that was the result of someone else’s negligence, call the Kocian Law Group for a free consultation. We have been practicing personal injury law for decades, and we can help you determine who is at fault and secure the full amount of compensation for your injury.