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skiing injuries

New England is a popular spot for winter skiing. Whether you are new to the slopes or you’ve been skiing without incident for many years, you can always face a ski-related accident. If you or a loved one has been involved in a skiing accident, then you should not delay in securing the services of a qualified attorney. Since ski accident cases are often vigorously contested by ski lodges and other potentially negligent parties, securing the help of an experienced ski injury attorney offers you the best chance for receiving the full recovery you deserve.

At the outset of your case, research can help determine how the skiing accident occurred. Often these types of accidents arise from one of the following sources:

  • Lift operator accidents;
  • Negligent instruction or supervision on ski slopes;
  • Negligent maintenance and/or design of ski slopes;
  • Negligent use of equipment, or improper use of broken equipment, which leads to injury;
  • Ski lift accidents;
  • Snowmobile crashes.

Some ski accidents involve skiers who lose their lives on the slopes, and whose families may bring a wrongful death claim as a result. Actions may also be brought on behalf of minors and other persons who have sustained life-altering injuries and who may need special care for the rest of their lives due to a skiing accident.

Release Forms

It is no surprise that many ski resort owners and operators require their customers to execute release forms prior to using the ski facilities. These release forms are an attempt to limit the exposure of the ski report to claims for “any and all” personal injuries which may arise from the skiers’ use of the facilities. You should be aware that even if you have signed a release form, you may still be able to lodge a claim against the facility for a skiing accident. Many “releases” are legally unenforceable for public policy reasons, while others do not cover the specific type of injury or harm you may have suffered.

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