Connecticut Negligent Security Attorney

negligent security

Property owners, especially those of big businesses like hotels and malls, must provide proper security. Cameras, security guards, and even simple locks and bolts can all be strong deterrents to crime. If you are injured during a crime committed on a commercial property, you have the right to sue if inadequate security measures led to the crime.

Kocian Law Group can help you make your case. To prove improper security, you must first establish that the inadequate security of the establishment created a place for crime to thrive. We will help you gather evidence. Using leading experts, we will determine the likelihood that a simple security measure would have prevented your injuries.

Security measures that can help commercial businesses prevent crime are:

  • Security cameras
  • Deadbolts
  • Guards or bouncers
  • Street lights
  • Automatic lighting

The higher rate of crime a neighborhood has as a matter of record, the more responsibility a local business owner has to impose security measures. If you are injured during a crime or are the victim of a crime, the business owner may be at fault if he or she took unnecessary risks with security that increased the likelihood that a patron would be seriously injured. Because measuring an “unnecessary risk” means knowing what crime conditions are like in the neighborhood surrounding the business, part and parcel of pursuing inadequate security cases is obtaining the police records and statistics for crime in the area. The higher the amount of police response for crime, the higher the responsibility of property owners to take reasonable precautions to prevent future foreseeable crimes from harming others.

At Kocian Law Group, we believe in your right to safety and protection. If the lack of simple security measures led to your harm, call us for a free consultation.