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elevator escalator accidents

Elevator and escalator accident cases require skilled handling and analysis. Every day, thousands of people use elevators and escalators. Injuries can occur from improper maintenance, improper inspection, sudden stops, failure to level, loose or missing parts, entrapment in elevator doors or escalator stairs, and sudden falls or drops. In some instances, injuries can occur due to malfunctions in elevator or escalator motors or other internal parts.

The attorneys at the Kocian Law Group have many decades of experience handling personal injury and wrongful death claims, including injuries occurring in elevators and escalators. Most elevator accident cases require expert analysis to establish the cause of the failure and to demonstrate improper maintenance or faulty inspection. Inspections of elevators and escalators must occur at regular intervals, but when an inspection is not carried out or misses a clear problem, serious injuries can result.

Causes of Elevator and Escalator Accidents 

Elevator accidents have many causes. Some elevator accidents result from faulty door sensors, which cause the elevator doors to close prematurely, crushing or injuring passengers. Some accidents involve a failure of the elevator to level, causing passengers to fall while entering the elevator or to trip while exiting the elevator. Elevator accidents can also involve sudden falls or drops, causing serious or catastrophic injuries. Equipment inside an elevator can also be faulty or improperly installed, causing ceiling panels to fall on passengers or causing malfunctions in operation, trapping passengers inside the elevator. Because elevator operation and control issues can be complex and require specialized knowledge to analyze, the lawyers at the Kocian Law Group often employ experts to investigate elevator-related accidents and injuries.

Escalator accidents can also involve entrapment due to moving parts. Shoelaces, soft shoes, or clothing can become caught in an escalator’s moving parts, causing injury. Children may place fingers between small spaces in elevator stairs or clothing or hair may become trapped, causing injuries. The moving side railing can also create pinch points that trap fingers or clothing. Most elevators have emergency stop switches which can be reached quickly, so it is important to summon help as soon as the problem occurs. Even prompt use of the emergency stop switch, however, may not prevent a serious injury.

Trust Kocian Law Group to Handle Your Elevator or Escalator Accident

If you are involved in an elevator or escalator accident, it is important to seek medical help, and to engage an experienced attorney as soon as you can. The incident should be reported and the owner of the property must be notified as soon as possible. Any records related to the elevator or escalator’s maintenance must be preserved. The Connecticut premises liability attorneys at the Kocian Law Group can notify the proper parties, preserve evidence, and ensure that a qualified expert reviews the case when necessary. Contact us today for assistance with your claim.