Connecticut Medication Errors Attorney

medication errors lawyer

Medication is supposed to help people feel better, but when medication is given in error, it can cause even more medical problems. Medication errors are some of the most common forms of medical malpractice. If you’ve been harmed by inappropriate prescriptions or medications, let Kocian Law Group handle your claim.

Medication errors come in five main categories.

  • Incorrect medication. This is when medical professionals give you the wrong medication, either by accidentally giving you medication you were not prescribed or by misdiagnosing your condition and prescribing medication that will not help you.
  • Incorrect dosage. An incorrect dosage occurred when medical professionals miscalculate the amount of medication needed to help you. Either you get too much medication, which can cause myriad health problems, or you get too little medication, and your problem persists. Incorrect dosages account for the greatest percentage of medication errors.
  • Allergic reaction. If medical professionals either ignored a known allergy or failed to check for a common allergy, the medicine you take could cause you to react – with dangerous consequences.
  • Bad drug combinations. Some medications don’t work well together. They can either cancel out each other’s efficacy or cause dangerous side effects. Medical professionals must carefully consider all medications given to patients to ensure that these harmful interactions do not happen.
  • Tainted medication. Sometimes, professionals give you the correct type and dosage of medication, but somehow that medication is tainted. This could be due to cross-contamination or mishandling by either medical professionals or the factory that produced the medication. Contamination can also occur during transit.

Strict medical management can prevent medication errors. Medical professionals have a responsibility to protect their patients by closely monitoring medication when it is dispensed. Additionally, pharmacists have been known to make numerous medication errors. A “misfill” by your pharmacist or a mix up of medications that results in receiving the wrong medication can cause harm. Pharmacists are trained professionals who have to adhere to standards of care that typically require numerous “checking” procedures to ensure you are being the correct medication. If there is doubt or confusion on the pharmacist’s behalf, they should call the physician’s office to make certain that you are being given the right medication. Medication errors can cause serious injury and even death.

If medication errors have harmed you or someone close to you, call Kocian Law Group.