Investigating Claims of Medical Malpractice

investigating claims of medical malpractice

At the Kocian Law Group, we understand the importance of thorough investigation and preparation of every medical malpractice claim.

Our attorneys follow a three-step process in every case. This three-step process can help our lawyers determine whether or not you have been the victim of medical malpractice:


Step One: Obtaining Records

The first step in the evaluation process is the obtaining of all available medical records. This is an important task. By reviewing your entire medical history, we can learn the same information that your treating physician knew, or should have known, while you were receiving care and treatment. Also, medical history is a key component to the evaluation of these cases.

Step Two: Investigation

The next step in investigating a claim for medical malpractice is a careful analysis of the medical information. Lining up your treatment chronologically is important to fully understanding your medical condition. Research through textbooks, learned treatises and by our firm’s experience is another key component to the evaluation of a potential medical malpractice claim. What usually starts off as an “ocean of information” in a medical malpractice case usually boils down to “a drop of water.”

Step Three: Case Review

The final step in the process is to have your case reviewed by a similar health care provider. Since Connecticut law requires that a similar health care provider provide their opinion as to whether or not a medical doctor deviated from accepted standards of practice, it is required that a similar health care provider express their opinion. This helps our firm determine if the standard of care has been breached.

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