Connecticut Hospital Acquired Infection Attorney

hospital acquired infections

We all know that hospitals are supposed to be kept completely sterile for the safety of their patients, but the necessary cleanliness isn’t always maintained. When hospital staff fail to follow proper protocols or cross-contamination occurs, you may suffer a serious infection, complicating the condition that brought you to the hospital in the first place. If a hospital-related infection has harmed you, let Kocian Law Group stand up for your rights.

Hospital infections, also known as nosocomial infections, are any illnesses or diseases you contract that were not part of your diagnosis upon admission to the hospital. Despite stringent standards of cleanliness in hospitals, some diseases thrive in hospital environments. Regular sterilization kills many “ordinary” bacteria and viruses, protecting patients from these bugs, but giving other bacteria and viruses, commonly known as “superbugs,” room to thrive without competition. In addition, many patients admitted to hospitals have weakened immune systems, making them more likely to catch a “superbug” and to suffer serious injury or illness as a result.

Some infections commonly transmitted at a hospital are:

  • pneumonia
  • tuberculosis
  • urinary tract infections
  • gastroenteritis

Some procedures particularly likely to lead to hospital-acquired infection are:

  • use of ventilator
  • catheterization
  • surgery
  • draining surgical wounds
  • use of IVs

When hospital-acquired infections lengthen your recovery time and impact your overall health and finances, let the CT medical malpractice attorneys at Kocian Law Group help. With the help of leading experts, we can determine if your disease was caused or exacerbated by hospital factors. We will then come up with a plan to help compensate you for monetary and emotional losses due to negligence. Let Kocian Law Group minimize the hospital-related illness’s impact on your life.