Connecticut Anesthesia Errors Attorney

anesthesia errors lawyer

Going under anesthesia is an act of trust. You trust that the doctors will correctly perform the procedure. You trust medical personnel to care for you while you are unconscious. Most of all, you trust that medical workers will give you the correct amount of anesthesia, enough so that you feel no pain during the procedure, but not so much that the chemicals cause damage to your vital organs. If medical personnel have betrayed that trust and caused damage to you or a loved one, you may want to seek legal counsel.

Kocian Law Group can help you to recover fair and reasonable damages from any anesthesia malpractice. We also can help you bring a wrongful death suit for a family member who died as a result of medical negligence.

Some common anesthesia-related errors are:

  • use of the wrong drugs
  • use of the wrong dosage of drugs
  • failure to note allergies to drugs
  • failure to notice signs of allergic reaction
  • oxygen issues, including failure to intubate correctly, failure to give a sufficient amount of oxygen during the procedure, or failure to promptly address breathing-related distress
  • failure to monitor and preserve blood pressure
  • failure to watch over vital signs and correct issues at signs of distress
  • failure in the settings of medical devices which, when used properly, operate to maintain your vital functions

Any of these issues can lead to a lifetime of health risks, including:

  • anoxic injuries
  • heart attacks
  • hypotension
  • strokes
  • brain damage
  • spinal cord damage
  • death

Even surviving an anesthesia error may leave you with permanent disabilities and years of medical bills. At Kocian Law Group, our medical malpractice attorneys work with leading experts to determine the extent of the damage and the extent of liability of the medical professionals who attended the procedure. Only through this process can you obtain justice by receiving compensation for your pain and suffering, your out-of-pocket medical bills and lost income, and your future damages caused by a medical professional acting outside accepted standards of medical care.