What should I know about Connecticut’s insurance laws as they apply to motorcycles?

When motorcycles collide with passenger vehicles, the motorcyclist faces greater risk for injury because the motorcycle is smaller and less protected than the passenger vehicle. Therefore, to protect yourself, we strongly recommend that you purchase several types of insurance before you put your motorcycle on the road.

First, at Kocian Law Group, our attorneys recommend that you purchase medical payment coverage. This protects you, to the extent allowed by law, by covering your medical bills when you are involved in a Connecticut motorcycle accident.

Second, because motorcyclists generally sustain serious injuries when struck by a negligent car or truck driver, our lawyers suggest that you carry the highest limits you can afford, and which are offered, by your insurance company for uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, also known as “UM” coverage. “UM” coverage is extremely significant in motorcycle cases. You should purchase the best “UM” coverage that you can.