Connecticut Post Judgement Matters Attorney

post judgement matters

Post-judgments are changes to a court’s previous ruling. Post-judgments are possible in any number of legal situations, though they are generally uncommon outside of family law unless a factual error occurred in the initial ruling.

Family law is the main province of post-judgments, as family situations are always changing.

Post-Judgment and Child Custody

Some types of post-judgments involve child support and custody. If your child does not receive the support the court determined that he or she should have, you can go and get an enforcement of the order. Also, if there has been a substantial change in circumstances, then child support may need to be amended by the Court.

Also, if you wish to change your custody agreement, you will need to go to court. This can get complicated, especially when all parties do not agree to the new custody arrangements. Kocian Law Group can help you fight for your right to see your child as well as guide you through the court procedure.

Post-Judgment and Support Orders

You can also request modification of the terms of both child support and alimony if the facts allow. These changes are typically made when personal circumstances change, such as the loss or gain of a job or a new marriage.

To receive a new judgment, you will need to prove that your circumstances have changed and that this change warrants an adjustment of your original judgment. It is very important that you petition the Court to make specific changes. Even if you agree with your ex-spouse privately that terms need changing, your agreement has no legal effect unless validated by a new Court order. To protect yourself, and comply with law, any changes in a Court’s earlier decision need to be brought to the Court’s attention by proper motion and then ruled upon.

While altering a past judgment is possible, it is not an easy process. The judge made his or her initial decision with good reason, so you must prove that you have new good reason[s] to alter their earlier judgment. To have the best chance at receiving a modification, you must have a clear, organized claim. Kocian Law Group can help you build a solid case or advise you as to your options.