Connecticut Paternity Matters Attorney

paternity matters

If you’re having paternity concerns as a father or a mother, remember that you have legal options. Whether you would like to have rights to your child or get child support from an unwilling father, the law makes many provisions to ensure that children receive the support they need.

There are well-known methods of establishing paternity. Which one will work for your situation depends on the desires and actions of both parents.

Voluntary Declaration of Paternity

In Connecticut, a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity is a good method for unmarried parents who both agree that the child belongs to them. To make a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity, the parents sign a legal document that declares the man the child’s father. Kocian Law Group can assist you with this process.

Administrative Paternity Order

Another method, the Administrative Paternity Order, works well when the father is unknown or unwilling to claim the child without proof of paternity. It also works when the mother is reluctant to acknowledge the father as such, but she would be open to acknowledgement if provided with proof.

To get an Administrative Paternity Order, one parent must file for child support with the state. The state will run genetic tests to determine the child’s biological father. Generally, provided you meet state guidelines, the state provides this service for free and it is non-invasive. To perform the test, professionals collect saliva from both child and potential father by rubbing cotton swabs in their mouths. Blood testing is sometimes used as well, but is less common.

Judicial Paternity Order

A third way to establish paternity is by obtaining a Judicial Paternity Order. This method is mostly for parents who are in some way involved in a dispute over the child’s paternity.

Obtaining a Judicial Paternity Order requires an appearance in court. The court will conduct DNA tests to prove paternity, but parents also have a chance to speak to a judge. If you choose this method, Kocian Law Group will prepare you for the court case and appear with you before the judge, to help you make a case for child support or other benefits if need be.

Establishing paternity is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • The child will know his or her medical history.
  • The father can pursue custody or visitation with the child.
  • Child support can be negotiated.
  • The child can access benefits like inheritance, veteran’s benefits, and insurance via his or her father.
  • With knowledge of both father and mother, it is easier for both parties to apply for public assistance.

At Kocian Law Group, our family lawyers are dedicated to ensuring children receive their just support, while protecting the rights of their parents, such as visitation. We will help you through your paternity issues, answering your questions and outlining your options. We can tell you exactly where your legal rights and responsibilities begin, so if you have any doubts, call Kocian Law Group today.