Connecticut Domestic Violence/Protective Orders Attorney

domestic violence protective orders

When you need to keep a harmful person out of your life, a restraining order can help. However, many people do not know how to go about obtaining one. The family attorneys at Kocian Law Group can help you legally request a restraining order or an order of protection.

A restraining order is a legal document that commands someone to stop or avoid performing a specific action. While it does not physically prevent someone from acting, a restraining order creates a vital paper trail, allowing the police to identify the person and perform an arrest if needed. The restraining order acts as a buffer; if someone violates the order, the police can arrest them even if they have not physically harmed you. Sometimes, the existence of a restraining order alone will keep a threatening person away from you.

A restraining order can be used to prevent:

  • physical abuse
  • phone calls to a specific person or entity
  • sexual abuse
  • stalking
  • the release of financial knowledge
  • written contact with a specific person or entity

Violators of a restraining order face fines and/or jail time.

Normally, a restraining order requires a hearing to be instated, but in cases where one party feels physically threatened, a temporary restraining order may be granted.

A protective order is similar to a restraining order, except it is more detailed. It may address what should happen to children, pets, and property that the defendant and plaintiff hold in common. Obtaining an appropriate protective order is most often best accomplished with competent legal counsel.