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alimony spousal support

In Connecticut, either spouse, has a right to seek alimony, and alimony can be awarded to either party — usually based on the financial circumstances of the parties. A common question we hear from parties considering divorce is whether alimony should be awarded in their case.

Your divorce may also involve a discussion of alimony if you have been married long enough and one spouse has demonstrated a financial need. Alimony must be included in your final divorce decree. If you are awarded alimony or required to pay alimony, the arrangement may be modified by the court for any number of reasons, including a change in financial circumstances, remarriage or the passage of an agreed-upon amount of time.

Temporary Or Permanent Alimony?

The purpose of alimony is to provide for the financial support of a party in a marriage who is not self-supporting. The party may not be self-supporting for a number of reasons, including age, years out of the workforce, staying home to raise the children or due to a disability. The spouse may require temporary support in order to become self-supporting or they may require permanent alimony.

Alimony, or spousal support, may be awarded during a divorce proceeding or as part of the final order. The award while the proceeding is pending is temporary (“alimony pendente lite”), but an award may remain temporary or become permanent as part of the final judgment.

Alimony Must Be Affordable And Account For Your Circumstances

If your spouse has made a claim against you for alimony, we will fight to defend your legal rights and to prevent or minimize the awarding of alimony as appropriate. If you are worried about supporting yourself after the divorce is final, we can help you protect your right to receive alimony — either temporary or permanent.

We understand that divorce does not end with the divorce decree. There are tax consequences to alimony, child support and child custody. Our family law attorneys will help you to understand the tax consequences that you face in the future.

We Know You Just Want To Be Okay

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