What to Expect After Filing for Divorce in Connecticut

what to expect after filing for divorce

A divorce is a process that proceeds in stages. We want our clients to be prepared for each step of the way. Even in the best of circumstances divorce is traumatic and emotional. We understand.

Rest assured that the attorneys at the Kocian Law Group will work hard, creating for you a future that holds the best opportunity for happiness and well-being, both financially and emotionally. Here is a general overview of what happens after filing for divorce.

Temporary Orders

First, temporary orders are typically entered within a short time of filing the divorce action. These involve court orders concerning alimony, custody and child support, allocation of the payment of debts and expenses and sometimes determining who gets to exclusively occupy the marital home while the divorce is pending.

These orders remain in place until your divorce is final. At that time the orders may become final, but they can change. During this preliminary stage both sides will complete detailed individual financial affidavits to be shared with each other.

Evaluation Of Assets And Debts

In addition, assets will be appraised and valued and debts will be calculated. Once all the financial information is discovered, the parties can discuss an equitable division taking into consideration many factors.

Our family law attorneys have the experience to know what a fair division is. Many times we have creative suggestions on how to equitably share your families’ assets, income and debts so that your future is as bright as possible.

Custody And Parenting Time

Custody of minor children is a very emotional topic. Our goal is to create a custom parenting plan that takes into consideration all of the details of your family, including your work schedules to minimize the impact on your children.

Other Family Law Professionals And Experts

It is also important to be aware of other people who can play a major role in the outcome of your divorce, like persons such as accountants and appraisers pertaining to the values of properties and small businesses. Many times psychologists, therapists, guardians ad litem and doctors become involved in custody issues.

Our family law lawyers are familiar with many such professionals and can assist in using them effectively in presenting your case in the best possible manner.

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