Creation & Formation of a New Series for Television Attorney in CT

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You’ve got the creativity, we’ve got the law. Kocian Law Group will help you protect your intellectual property and preserve your rights when you’re creating a new TV series.

You want to know what your rights are when you’re creating a new television series, sitcom or other public work. Sound legal representation can safeguard your creative properties. Securing proper copyright of your written work along with contractual protections, even when pitching your ideas to networks, is invaluable.

Once an entertainment company shows interest in your idea, it is tempting to sign the contract that is offered. However, you want to have legal rights to your own ideas in the future. Without a fair contract, a company can profit from your work and leave you with little to no money and no right to do anything with your concept in the future. Obviously, there is a great disparity in the positions of the parties when one considers a large television network or company versus the resources of a talented creator. Nevertheless, to protect your legal rights to the best extent possible, retaining competent legal counsel is crucial.

Let Kocian Law Group back you up in your creative endeavors. Our experienced, professional entertainment lawyers can negotiate contracts, secure copyrights, and otherwise ensure that your intellectual property rights are protected.