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You must give careful thought before signing a legally binding contract, as you will be held to the terms of that contract for the term of the agreement. As a team of experienced professionals, Kocian Law Group will review and draft your contracts with practiced hands. Just as you would call a doctor when you’re sick or a plumber when your pipes are clogged, you should call an attorney when faced with legal contract issues.

At Kocian Law Group, we will help you negotiate for favorable terms specific to your particular situation. Sometimes people feel that they must acquiesce to whatever demands the corporation or entity offering the contract sets forth. This is not so. Many contracts contain what is referred to as “boilerplate” language which, essentially, is a long laundry list of numerous one-sided terms in favor of the entity or company who had the document drafted. While some deals will not take place unless you agree to such terms, many deals still move forward with modifications or redactions of those contract terms that are unfavorable to your position.