FAQs About Commercial Leases in CT

Kocian Law Group has the resources and experience you need when you require legal representation for commercial leases. Below our legal team has answered questions that are frequently asked:

Commercial Leases

What Is A Commercial Lease?

A commercial lease is a legal document which sets forth the duties and responsibilities of the lessor (the company or person renting the premises to others) and the lessee (the company or person leasing the premises).

What Are The Typical Obligations?

Usually, most have a rental time period (the number of years the lease will rent the premises), cost of rent (both annually and monthly), rights and responsibilities of the tenant, and the rights and obligations of the landlord. As leases are specifically tailored to individual businesses, the terms of the lease are typically specifically drawn to accommodate the type of business being operated at the location.

Do Commercial Leases Differ From Residential Leases?

They are uniquely different than residential leases. The ordinary consumer protections that are included in a residential lease, as a matter of law, are absent from commercial leases. The law recognizes that businesses operate differently than individuals and therefore typical protections that one would expect on a residential basis do not exist in commercial leases.

Are Security Deposits Necessary?

The most common leases typically require a security deposit. Often these deposits are tailored to the type of business involved for the protection of the property owner. For example, in gas station leases there is often a security deposit on the gas tanks and their contents, which is required by the gasoline company leasing the premises.

Can I Receive Concessions?

The very nature of commercial leases is that they are more unique than other types of leases. Provided the landlord is receiving the market rent desired for the property, concessions for business owners can be made provided the owner of the property is receiving the ROI (return on investment) required for the property.

What Needs To Be Addressed In A Commercial Lease?

Our lawyers can assist with thorough drafting and review of your commercial lease. Here are some basic items that should be addressed:

  • Rent
  • Lease term
  • Escalations
  • Security deposit
  • View rights or restrictions
  • Exclusivity clauses
  • Common area maintenance
  • The exact parameters of the space being leased
  • Parking spaces
  • Modifications

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