Connecticut School Bus Accident Attorney

school bus accident lawyer

The safety of their children is a paramount concern to all parents. Children have the right to be safe no matter where they are, including on a school bus. If your child has been involved in a school bus accident, you and your child both have legal rights in Connecticut, including the right to pursue compensation from any negligent parties responsible for the accident.

School bus drivers must operate the vehicles safely in order to protect their most precious cargo – your children. Most school bus drivers take their obligation to safety seriously, but a distracted or careless driver can easily cause a school bus crash. A driver’s employer may also be responsible for a crash, or a crash may be due to the carelessness of a third party. When investigating any school bus accident, it is important to review the facts with an eye towards all responsible parties. The experienced school bus accidents at the Kocian Law Group do just that.

Some school bus accidents involve children who are hit by passing cars while attempting to get on or off a school bus. In many of these cases, injuries occur when the bus driver fails to follow procedures required for safe loading and unloading of passengers. For instance, a driver may fail to activate the red flashing lights and/or engage the bus’s stop sign while a student is getting on or off the bus. Failure to activate the lights or engage the stop sign has been held to be an act of negligence and carelessness. If a child is hit by another vehicle while getting on or off the bus, it is also important to examine the behavior of the other vehicle, whose driver may also be responsible for the crash.

You should not delay in contacting an experienced auto accident law firm if your child has been involved in a school bus accident. The Kocian Law Group can help you protect your child’s legal rights and get the compensation he or she deserves.